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Getting Ready For Back-to-School Doesn't Have To Be Stressful

Learn How To Declutter Your Home So You Are Prepared & Organized

Hi, I'm Kelli!

Welcome! I'm happy you are here...

Now, you might be feeling stressed out because your kids will start school soon and you aren't ready.

You have school supplies to buy, but you haven't gone through last year's supplies to determine what's reusable and what isn't. Plus, since your home is cluttered, you'll likely rebuy items you already have because you can't find them. You are frustrated and tired of wasting money

Your kids have outgrown their clothes and shoes, so these items need to be replaced, but the thought of going through your kids' drawers and closets is intimidating. You are overwhelmed.

Maybe you are stressed out from doing all the million things we moms do and not having the energy or time to declutter and organize your home. You are exhausted. You need a system that works for you
As a mom, wife, and business owner, Kelli knows how difficult it can be to juggle work, family, and trying to keep a clean and clutter free house. 

Her blog, Freebie Finding Mom, receives several million pageviews per year. 

It is feedback from you, the readers, combined with the experience of overcoming her own personal struggles that she has determined how best to serve you 

Before we share HER GOAL for this Kick The Clutter: Back-to-School Masterclass for YOU ... please answer a few questions ...

Please Check All Of The Questions Where Your Answer Is YES!

Do you want less stuff in your home, so you can start the school year feeling prepared and organized, but you have NO IDEA where to begin?
Do you feel confused about what to do first, so you end up doing nothing?
Are you trying to figure out a way to organize your house so you have less stress in your life?
Do you want to learn how to declutter in just 15 minutes a day so it takes you less time to clean your home?
Are you tired of not being able to find what you need and wasting money buying items you know you have?
Are you ready to learn the most important areas in your home to declutter so you and your kids can have a calmer and successful school year?

If You Checked ANY Of The Boxes Above, Then We Invite You To Join The 'Kick The Clutter: Back-to-School' Masterclass, So You Can Have the House and Life You Want.

You Get ALL Of This:

  • One 60 Minute Live Decluttering Masterclass + Replay ($147 Value)
  • 3-Page Back-to-School Decluttering Plan Template ​($36 Value)
  • ​​​Lifetime Access To Our Masterclass Facebook Group ($97 Value)
  • ​BONUS: Daily Routine Cards ($15 Value) 

Total Value: $295

Just $27!

If you want to learn how to get your home ready for back-to-school in just 15 minutes a day so you can stop feeling overwhelmed, then this masterclass is for you...

You have 60 minutes, starting August 4th...

Do YOU Accept?

Kelli's Classes & Challenges Get Results

They Will Help You Too!

The First Thing You’ll Get Access To Is The...

'Kick The Clutter: Back-to-School'


Led by Kelli Bhattacharjee. This back-to-school decluttering masterclass will teach you the most important areas in your home to declutter to get ready for your kids to return to school, how to manage paper clutter, and the best home organizers to have a successful school year. 

Kelli will go live on August 4th to share these insights. Plus, you'll receive a 3-page printable back-to-school decluttering plan template that will allow you to create your home decluttering plan and hold yourself accountable

For your reference, a replay of Kelli's live video will also be shared with masterclass participants.

Kelli welcomes interaction, so feel free to ask questions and share your successes during the Zoom call and via the Facebook group.  

What You'll Learn In This Masterclass...

"Where to Start Decluttering"

In our back-to-school decluttering masterclass, Kelli will teach you the five key areas in your home to declutter to get it ready for back to school.

Having your home decluttered and organized will help you and your kids feel prepared and ready to have a successful school year. 

If you struggle with knowing where to start then you'll enjoy learning Kelli's tips on how to declutter each of these five areas. 

Kelli will also help you understand the negative affects your clutter has on you and your family. 

You may not be aware of how the stuff in your home is affecting your productivity, concentration, and happiness.

"How to Declutter in Just 15 Minutes a Day"

Often times we don't declutter our homes because it's overwhelming, and we think we have to spend hours decluttering to be successful. 

Kelli shares her strategy for decluttering that can help you effectively declutter in as little as 15 minutes a day.

She explains the importance of making decluttering a part of your lifestyle and not something you only do for hours on the weekend. 

After this masterclass you will feel confident that you can declutter your home in a manageable and sustainable way. 

"How To Manage Paper Clutter"

Paper clutter is found in most everyone's home especially if you have kids in school.

Kelli helps you develop a system for handling this paper clutter efficiently so it doesn't pile up on your kitchen counter (or other areas in your home). 

Her simple yet effective approach for dealing with papers as soon as they come into your home will help you manage the flow of papers and prevent them from piling up.

This masterclass will not only educate you but motivate you as well. You'll have the opportunity to declutter your home along with other women going through the same struggles you are. You can inspire each other with your 'before" and "after" pictures.

So, Here Is How The Masterclass Works...

The masterclass is $27!  
In addition to the LIVE masterclass on August 4th, you will receive:

• A replay of the masterclass to listen when it's convenient for you
• A 3-page printable decluttering plan template that will allow you to create your decluttering plan
• Access to our private Facebook group to share your "before" and "after" decluttering pictures and where you can be inspired and supported by your fellow participants
BONUS: Daily Routine Cards that will help your kids learn a morning, afternoon, and evening routine so they can be more self-sufficient and independent

The only thing you owe to participate in this masterclass is $27, a little of your time, and a willingness to declutter your home.

What do you have to lose other than stress and overwhelm about getting your kids ready for back to school?

All You Pay Is $27!

Get This AMAZING Bonus...

When You Join The "Kick The Clutter: Back to School" Masterclass Today...


Daily Routine

($15 Value)

We have a question for you?

“What If You Did Nothing...

You Continue Feeling...
  • ​Stressed Out & Overwhelmed
  • ​Disorganized
  • Embarrassed About Your Home 
  • ​Behind on Housework
  • ​Unmotivated To Clean Your Home 
  • ​Frustrated With The Money Wasted 
Also, you still regularly see other moms have beautiful clutter free homes. Meanwhile, you are struggling to do the bare minimum and keep up with basic housecleaning.

And Your Life Stayed The Same?

Even Though You Knew You Could Be One Class Away From Learning How to Declutter Your Home in As Little As 15 Minutes a Day and Start the School Year Feeling Prepared and Organized, What Would You Do?
We hope you decide to invest in yourself. You are worth it. ❤️❤️❤️

 Join our "Kick the Clutter: Back-to-School Masterclass."

If your current home isn't serving you, it's time to change. One messy junk drawer at a time. 

It's the culmination of several little 15 minute decluttering sessions that will help you achieve the house of your dreams.

Getting rid of your clutter will help you find peace.

To help you and your kids have a successful school year, Kelli is gifting you her set of Daily Routine Cards. These cards will help your kids learn their morning, afternoon, and evening routine. You can customize these cards for each child. 

These daily routine cards are a great way to encourage your kids to be independent and self-sufficient

Whether you want to learn a few new tips that will make back-to-school prep easier or you need help getting started decluttering your home, you will benefit from this masterclass. Let's make progress decluttering your home, so you feel prepared, organized, and ready for school to start. 
❤️Let's Do This Together. Join Us on August 4th! ❤️

Kelli Can't Wait To Meet You!🙂

You'll Get Immediate Access To The Bonus The Moment You Join The ‘Kick the Clutter: Back to School’ Masterclass Today!

Is There A Guarantee?


We guarantee if you participate in the masterclass by showing up to Kelli's live Zoom call, complete your decluttering plan, and share your "before" and "after" pictures in our community Facebook group, you will have made progress decluttering your home and feel more prepared and organized for the upcoming school year. Making changes in your home by getting rid of items you don't need or want will affect how you feel about your home and yourself. 

Simply put, this masterclass can change your life!

Join The ‘Kick The Clutter: Back-to-School’ Masterclass Today!

For Just $27!

step 3
"All the things a planner should be!"
"Colorful, beautifully laid out and detailed -- all the things a planner should be. I especially love the 2-page spread for each month."

"These Work"
"I'm not sure why but I never came to terms with the fact that cleaning is an everyday thing and if you don't make it one then you will spend much more time on cleaning when you actually do it. I guess i just thought that magically after i spend my time and energy cleaning something so well that it should stay that way for at least....a month or two?!?! I'm kidding, mostly. These schedules have completely transformed my mindset on cleaning! I LOVE them and am so grateful to have them!! I use one for the kids as well, so that when i set a timer every evening we all know what we have to do and it is done so quickly with no fussing from them. LOVE THEM...did I already say that? Thank you Kelli!!!"

-Michelle Johnson

30-Day Money Back Guarantee...

Kelli wants you to be happy with your purchase. 
If after downloading your Rock Your Block Like a Boss bundle documents, watching the videos, joining the private Facebook group, and enjoying all the bonuses you aren't satisfied with your purchase, please email us within 30 days, and we'll refund your money, no questions asked!
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30-Day Money Back Guarantee...

Kelli wants you to be happy with your purchase. 
If after downloading your Kick The Clutter: Back-to-School Template and Bonus, and attending the live Zoom session you aren't satisfied with your purchase, please email us within 30 days and we'll refund your money, no questions asked!


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